Monday, December 13, 2004

One Girl, One Boy, One Heckuva Week

The stars at 4:30 am are big and bright deep in the armpit of Little Rock. I'm just back from dropping off one Ms. Ussery (whose car is experiencing technical difficulties sufficient--at least in her estimation--to warrant the good pleasure of her company in MY car) at UAMS, where she spends her very early mornings these days poncing about in scrubs, waking the sick and the dying to do unspeakable things to them with metal utensils chilled overnight in the hospital freezer.

Acting as her chauffer, chef, study nazi and occasional pillow is my primary occupation this week, as she goes into grand mal panic mode in anticipation of her GREAT BIG SCARY surgery final. The sidewalk won't end there, though, for either of us, so in the cracks I'm managing to work 35 hours at The Nation's Premiere Book Monopoly, apply at the Demazette for advertorial writing, audition here and there for some voice acting/broadcasting work, and await assignment from Kaplan test prep corp., whose classrooms I candidated recently to fill. Plus hunt for an apartment so I can stop being a couch refugee. Oh yes, and tomorrow's my twenty-fifth birthday. Ye gads--how soon hath time, etc.


Blogger Myles said...

yeah! ben's coming back!

December 13, 2004 at 7:24 AM  
Blogger tracy said...

well happy birthday to you ben!! (on tuesday that is..)

December 13, 2004 at 12:42 PM  
Blogger rebstar said...

yes, happy birthday, ben utter!! :)

December 14, 2004 at 8:12 AM  
Blogger JEB said...

happy birthday, one day late.......
hope it was wonderful.


December 15, 2004 at 8:24 AM  
Blogger Joy said...

Sto Lat!

Wouldn't you love to hear that I remembered your birthday WITHOUT your reminder?

Too bad. I remembered it was soon, but the exact date (as so many things do) slipped me.


December 20, 2004 at 10:59 PM  

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