Tuesday, October 26, 2004

New Kid on the Blog

One Brandy Ussery (M.D. pending) has decided to invest a few of her precious hours outside of surgery rotation by regaling us with a blow-by-blow account of what goes on within. It's Discovery Channel of the mind, folks,
a rare look at the world of those terrifying men and women in white. Do warm hearts really beat behind those cold, cold stethescopes? Can you tie your tennis shoes with a suture knot? Do surgeons whistle while they work, or vent their spleens while exploring yours? And what's UP with the shower caps? Find out here.

In other news, my interview with Sting was postponed. The ol' boy never called. Apparently being 6'3'' 270 and carrying a baseball bat to work gives a person the idea that he can neglect the little media folk who get his movie publicized in the first place. His agent apologized, and we've rescheduled for this Thursday.

This time, though, it will be my turn to reschedule, since our very own vice president is coming to International Falls that same day. First VP visit since Mondale in '79, and this little mill town on the river is excited, yessir! It's going to be an interesting show, what with the Falls being as divided as the rest of Minnesota. Arms will be open; claws will be out. The coffee shop from which I now write is directly across the street from the local union office, whose broad signs and bright slogans through the "Kerry '04!" soaped windows, give proof to the right that its members are unlikely to be much moved should Mr. Dick try poncing about in a hard hat.

Yesterday morning I went over to the Holiday Inn's Bronco Room to wait in line with the rest of the good townsfolk for my free ticket to the grand event. No great surprise that the local Republican Committee is overseeing things, but I was unprepared, as I stepped up to the ticket table, to be met with a sharp look and a "Well, lemme ask ya' this--are you a fan of our President Bush?" Not wishing to purjor myself I answered carefully, "Well, I'm, uh, not a big fan of the alternative." "Atta' boy! Here you go."

My ticket informs me that I'm prohibited from toting along with me are "knives, weapons, lawn chairs, and excessively large bags." If my mini-disc recorder and camera make it through I'll see what I can do about posting some of the digital goods on here. Whether or not questions from the floor will be taken I know not, but if anyone has a pressing question as yet unanswered by the debates etc., I'll do what I can to voice it.


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um, your link doesn't work.

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